Tealicious Cafe has become a local favorite with all tapioca and smoothie fans through out San Antonio and beyond because of our secret recipe and flavors. We now offer a franchise opportunity for anyone who wants join our successful business model.


We are proud to provide the world with something new and different – delicious concoctions of milk and tea based beverages with tasty, chewy add-ons, complimented by addicting asian snack and foods. Made popular by our signature boba milk tea and fresh fruit drink recipes, Tealicious is committed to continuously provide quality products that add a bit fun and mix a little flavor in your life.


01. Tapioca Cream Tea5.00
02. Tapioca Green Tea w/ Cream5.00
03. Egg Pudding Tapioca Cream Tea5.50
04. Egg Pudding Tapioca Green Tea w/ Cream5.50
05. Almond Cream Tea4.75
06. Almond Green Tea w/ Cream4.75
07. Coconut Black Tea w/ Cream4.75
08. Coconut Green Tea w/ Cream4.75
09. Peppermint Cream Tea4.75
10. Peppermint Green Tea w/ Cream4.75
11. Taro Cream Shake4.50
12. Honeydew Cream Shake4.50
13. Cantaloupe Cream Shake4.50
14. Hazelnut Cream Tea4.75
15. Rainbow Cream Tea5.50
16. Thai Tea w/ Tapioca5.25
17. Chai Cream Tea w/ Tapioca5.50
18. Black Sugar Milk Tea w/ Tapioca5.25
19. Tapioca Green Tea/Black Tea4.50
20. Green Tea/Black Tea4.00
21. Honey Green Tea/Black Tea4.25
22. Passion Fruit Green Tea/Black Tea4.25
23. Green Apple Green Tea/Black Tea4.25
24. Strawberry Green Tea/Black Tea4.25
25. Peppermint Green Tea/Black Tea4.25
26. Peppermint Honey Green Tea/Black Tea4.50
27. Lemon Green Tea/Black Tea4.50
28. Lemon Honey Green Tea/Black Tea4.75
29. Lemon Dried Plum Green Tea/Black Tea4.75
30. Longan Green Tea/Black Tea4.75


In case you haven’t heard, there is a big drink craze going on right now. It’s called Boba Tea, also known as Bubble Tea. Boba (Tapioca) milk tea has been very popular in Asian communities for a few years already. The term “Boba,” as it is roughly pronounced in Mandarin, is children’s slang for nipple! They’re big, soft, and chewy tapioca balls that sit at the bottom of your boba drink. You suck up the gelatinous balls through a huge straw and chew on them while you drink. It’s both a refreshing beverage and healthy snack in one! It’s quite an interesting experience that you’ll love once you try.
Boba drinks are great for diets because they are low in calories and filling, like a small meal. Also, not only are they very healthy, but green tea also helps dissolve fat calories! So come and try one of our delicious boba drinks today and see what the buzz is all about!